Antique fishing tackle brings it all together. Whether its sharing memories with friends about the big one that got away or the one on the wall that you caught using a secret popper. Collecting vintage fishing tackle is a life time fun hobby.


We have the most up to date selection of antique fishing tackle. Shopping for vintage fishing rods. Names like Fenwick, Shakespeare or Abercrombie. We have them all. How about old time lures by Rebel, Rappala, Bagley and so many more. Let us help you find the brand you are looking for. Spoons, wooden plugs, spinners its all here.

Every fisher person knows they have that special place in their tackle box or a special drawer in the basement where you put the Odds & Ends Fishing Tackle. We can help you find everything from minnow buckets to ice house decoys. Looking for a dark house fishing spear check this site out.

Looking for that old ultra-light Fenwick or maybe a split bamboo fly rod? Classic Fishing Rods has it all. From spinning rods of all length and material. We have fly rods of all kind of different weights and vintage cane poles.

Look at the progression of fishing rods from the beginning till now. See how the materials have gone from bamboo and cane, to glass and graphite.

Whether you specifically collect only vintage fishing licenses, or you have an entire collection devoted to vintage fishing tackle, these are fun to find and even more fun to obtain.

However, it can be pretty difficult to locate vintage fishing licenses, especially ones that are in great shape. Do not stop with just vintage fishing licenses. It has been found that many folks will start with fishing licenses, or trout stamps. These are easy to find for the beginner. After a short time though you may want to start to look at lures, flies, rods or fishing reels. There is so much history, memories of old time fishing.

Need something to read while you idle away the hours. Check out the old collectors magazines, rustic furniture books, and fishing catalogs.

The list is endless. The buys are great. Your imagination is the limit. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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